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Tested and trusted: boil guava leaves and soursop leaves to cure all these health problems

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Today, I will tell you the best way to secure every one of the benefits in Guava and Soursop leaves by gurgling them. 

As we all in all know whether you don't understand Soursop if it's not too much trouble, follow us and check our previous article on that, yet we will show you the picture besides. 

Soursop and Guava tea has a lot of clinical benefits which we will look at now. 

It Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels 

It Helps Lower High Blood Pressure 

It Helps Boost Heart Health 

It Helps Relieve Painful Symptoms of Menstruation 

It Aids Weight Loss 

It Has Anticancer Effect 

It Helps Boost Your Immunity 

It Is Good For The Skin 

It Is Good For Cleaning The Uterus 

It Helps Increase Your Sperm Count 

So these plants have these clinical benefits so what are the outcomes. 

It causes a drop in beat, so it is helpful for people who have hypertension, anyway if you as of now have a run of the mill circulatory strain, by then you can take this treatment by drinking it for only fourteen days and taking a break of perhaps 14 days weeks before continuing.The mix works immaculately 


At first, Take 10 Soursop and Guava Leaves, wash them well with saline water. 

Moreover, Boil them together for 10 minutes. 

Finally, sifter them and drink warm, a huge part of a cup morning and night. 

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