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What Happens When One Conjoined Twin Dies Before The Other Twin

The term conjoined twinning refers to an incomplete splitting of monozygotic twins after 12 days of embryogenesis.

Conjoined twins are identical twins that are born together but joined physically. It is possible that they will be connected at the head, torso, or be spread throughout the body like the Hansel twins. And if one twin passes away before the other, what will happen?

It is sometimes difficult to separate conjoined twins during birth because of the shared blood supply and vital organs. As a result, they grow to adulthood attached to each other. This results in the death of one twin, and because of this, the surviving twin may also die.

As long as the deceased twin's heart has stopped, the flow of blood in the arteries will constrict, therefore causing the dead twin to hemorrhage. In this case, the longer the link, the longer the time that an infection will take to appear. Failure of the common organs and blood supply happens together during sepsis.

Since the remaining twin is in imminent danger, physicians must perform an emergency separation on him immediately. Preoperative planning for this sort of surgery is rather complicated and typically takes weeks to carry out. Placing an urgent call to the nearest surgeon may prove to be challenging.

Regardless of whether or not the twin survives, they experience a profound loss due to the fact that they have lost someone who was inseparable from them. Additionally, they must go through a bodily transformation, and they must learn how to move with a body that is different from the one they previously had.

A twin's death has often preceded the death of the other. The Bunker twins are an example of creativity. Their sternums were connected. Sisters married, and they produced 21 children together.

This was quite unfortunate; one of the twins suffered a stroke and passed away in his sleep. As his brother died, the other twin went into shock and also died by hugging his brother, who was lifeless, to his chest. There is strong speculation that he perished in terror and astonishment. When the doctor came, he was still alive, but his head had been chopped off shortly before the doctor arrived.

The family had believed that had Leon and his brother Hugo been separated earlier, his death could have been prevented. But an autopsy later revealed that the brothers had a liver in common and they would never have been separated safely.

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