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Great Health Benefits Of Mango

Mangoes contain antioxidant such as quercetin, fisetin, isoquercitrin, gallic acid and methyl gallet. All these properties protect our bodies against breast cancer, prostate cancer and lucamea.

Mangoes help in maintaining cholesterol level. Mangoes contain high level of vitamin C, fiber and pectin making it a perfect fruit that helps in controlling cholesterol level.

Mangoes helps in cleansing skin.

Mangoes cleanses your skin from deep inside your body, it treats pores and gives a glow to your skin.

Mangoes helps in regulating diabetes. Eating mango leaves are great to regulate diabetes. People suffering from diabetes should boil five to six mango leaves in a vessel. Soak it overnight and drink the filtered decoction early in the morning.

Mangoes helps in alkalizing your body. Mangoes are enriched with tartaric and mallic acid and contain traces of citric acid which helps in maintaining the alkali reserve of our body.

A way to loose weight. Mango is loaded with fibrous content which boosts the digestive function and burns unwanted calories from the body.

For healthy eyes. Mangoes are also loaded with vitamin A, making it a perfect fruit to improve eye sight. It also prevents night blindness and dry eyes.

Aids good digestion. The enzymes in mangoes helps in breaking down protein content in the body. Enriched with fiber, mangoes aid good digestion and prevents many stomach related diseases.

Improves concentration and memory. Mangoes don't only help in improving your concentration but also boosts your memory.

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