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New (boss or master) Coronavirus emerges in India spreading and no vaccine can cure or reduce it

Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic virus disease which has caused the loss of many peoples lives and businesses. A vaccine was produced known and proven to reduce it but now, another Coronavirus has emerged in India which cannot be reduced or cured. Let's get started then.

Indians were dying drastically of the Coronavirus, not knowing what I call the master Coronavirus or the boss Coronavirus was the one who came over. It kills more than 5000 people a day and now it is spreading all over the country and if God don't intervene, it will come to our country Ghana.

This boss Coronavirus can't be cured or reduced by any vaccine, researches shows. The recent Coronavirus had an approved vaccine which were proven to reduce the virus but with this current virus, no other vaccine can reduce it.

The Coronavirus has become stronger now, all we must do is to obey the safety protocols and pray to God. It's only God that can help us not a vaccine.

Content created and supplied by: leonardevans877 (via Opera News )

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