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[Throwback] :A Fish Surprisingly Got Stuck In The Neck Of A Teenager - See Pictures.

This is a Throwback of a situation that occurred in Indonesia. Two teenagers who set out and went on a fishing at night came back with a bad news.

Muhammad and Sadir are close friends, they went out on a fishing at night in a boat. Sadir took the lead and later Muhammad joined him in a different boat. They were using light in the process of fishing. A needle fish which didn't like the light jumped out of the water and pierced the neck of Muhammad. The fish got stuck and they weren't able to remove it because of fear of Muhammad loosing blood in the attempt.

The two friends swam back on the shore and Sadir helped his friend to the hospital. The doctors at the hospital were able to cut the fish's body but were not able to remove the head from his neck due to lack of equipment.

The hospital then had to transfer the patient to a well equipped hospital where a total of five doctors which was made up of three surgeons and two anaesthetists who operated on him to remove the remaining part of the fish.

Muhammad in an interview with BBC said these words with a smile on his face " I will be careful next. The fish didn't like the light that's why it attacked me"

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