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Woman Gives Birth to Quadruplets after eight years of BARRENNESS

Barrenness is something that destroys most marriages, brings unhappy relationships and also leads to broken homes. The bible made a similar example in the Ascent days were Abraham's wife, Sarah couldn't bore a child. That's not the only example or encounter the bible made it known or clear to us. Many happy marriages end up with a grief due to barrenness, most families get annoyed with the woman who hasn't been able to deliver a child. But the most interesting part of this issue is, God always glorifies Himself at the end of barrenness.

A Christian couples in Nigeria have married for eight solid years without a child. Though, in the surrending areas in that town, the family is well known for their riches. But the only problem they had was child barrenness. Due to this, the woman's husband families always had issues with her, she tried her best to give birth but the situation was still the same.

As a true christian, she prayed daily for God's intervention, but nothing seemed to work out. Friends told her to go to a spiritualist for a child but she refused it. She knew their will be a day that the hardship of child birth will be over.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to month and months to years, but nothing shown she could give birth. The doctors decaled to her she cannot not give birth, they said she had a problem with her womb and there's no way she could ever give birth.

But she didn't give up on God, she didn't lose hope, she always prayed for God's intervention. Her faith was as strong as a masted seed.

After eight years of barrenness, God finally came to her rescue.

One day, she felt a little bit dizzy and she reported it to her doctor, amazingly, what seemed to be impossible was now possible, what the doctors declared impossible was now possible. To her surprise, the same doctor who informed her she had a problem in her womb now declared to her theirs a child in that womb.

The woman was really excited and happy. She informed her husband about this good news and he became really excited.

Days turned to weeks and weeks into months. The woman who has been barren for eight years now gave birth to, not one child, not two, not three but four kids. She gave birth to quadruplets! Hallelujah!!

Now this is my Declaration to you who's reading this article.

By the power invested in me, I declare to you in the name of Jesus, that everything that seems impossible in your life become possible. Being it barrenness, being it poverty, lose of Job, being it hardship or any other challenges your are facing in life.

By the power of the Holy Spirit I declare to you, be free in the name of Jesus Christ.

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