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Blend pawpaw leaves and onions, drink twice daily to treat this disease

Onions have a lot benefits apart from helping the eye. It promote hair growth, soothe bug bites and suppress cough and fever.

Pawpaw is among the most popularly cultivated crop in the world. The fruit, seed and leaves of the pawpaw are extremely used to make some effective medicines. Pawpaw lead contains some pharmacological potential in animals studies. Pawpaw leaves is used to prepare teas, tablets, juices and it is used to treat alot of ailments and promote fitness in many ways. When pawpaw is combined with onions the results are amazing. In this article, I would be telling you how to efficiently use pawpaw leaves and onions and their health benefits.


_ Get some pawpaw leaves, Wash them thoroughly and cut them into pieces.

_ Peel off your onions, wash it and also cut it into smaller pieces.

_ Blend them together in the blender.

_Pour it in a cup or cantainer .

_ Drink it twice a day.


_ It support hair growth

_ It help digestion

_ It balance the blood sugar level of the body

_ It treat dengue fever

_ It can prevent and treat cancer

_ It reduces menstrual pains

_ It treat malaria

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