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Soak cocoyam leaves "kontomire" in water for 10-15 minutes before cooking to prevent its itchy taste

Kontomire or cocoyam leaves is a starchy edible tuber and bears broad greenish leaves.It is grown in several places around the world.We usually consume the roots tubers or its leaves locally called "kontomire".

Both the root and leaves have many health benefits for the body because of its high nutrient content.

The medicinal benefits for kontomire are:

Helps in weight loss

Cocoyam leaves are low in fat and high in protein.It is,therefore,the best diet to reduce your fat and get your muscle mass.

Reduce wrinkles on the skin

Kontomire contain amino acid called threonine.The threonine helps in the formation of elastin and collagen which are good for healthy skin.

Increase sperm production

Cocoyam leaves contain arginine,an amino acid that helps to increase sperm production.This makes it good for men who have low sperm count.

Prevention of cancer

Kontomire is also rich in vitamin which acts as an antioxidant.This fights against free radicals that cause cancer and help to prevent many diseases.

Aids digestion and prevent digestive problems

The high dietary fibre in cocoyam leaves helps in food digestion and absorption.It prevent digestive problems such as indigestion,constipation and diarrhea.

Fetal brain and nervous system development

Besides its rich nutrients content,the leaves contain folate which is essential for the development of your fetal brain and nervous system.It is therefore good to consume cocoyam leaves when you are pregnant.

However,be sure to cook them well before you eat.

Please do not consume cocoyam leaves in a raw condition because it has a dangerous toxin.Instead soak them first in clean water for about 10-15 minutes.After that,cook them well to remove their toxic substances because its usually itchy in the throat if not well cooked.

Thank you!

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