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Magical Power of Sunsumasa (Fertility Plant).

Newboudia laevis a plant known as fertility plant is one of the powerful plant we have in our vicinity. It seen mostly in compounds of people who are into spiritualism. Because it is believed to be so powerful to scare demons away.

In our local dialect it is called sɛsɛmasa but rightly called Sunsum asa because it is believed that when witches fly over it they will fall and die.

Apart from helping women with fertility problems to conceive easily. It also has many spiritual uses that I want us to dive into it.

It heals spiritual sexually transmitted diseases which can not be cured with hospital medications. If you are having that predicament go to the plant early morning and say all your problems to it After get the roots and the bark of the plant and cook very well and take a shot Morning evening and afternoon and surely you will be healed.

When pregnant women use the leaves to prepare palm nut soup 2 months to their time it saves them from hard labour which can result in C.S.

After labour fetch a bunch of leaves

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Newboudia Sunsum Sunsumasa


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