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Dying too rapidly to be counted, the second wave of COVID-19 strikes India. Let's pray for India.

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The second wave of Covid-19 hits India strongly.

In NEW DELHI the capital city of India, a city of 20million people. They have burnt over 800 bodies in the last 3 weeks at a place which was officially used to be a car park this is because the hospital's mortuary is full as well as the cemetery. Other family members, also buy refrigerators to keep their loved ones. The official death toll recorded one death of Covid-19 every 4 minutes.

Surprisingly, the Hindu festival of Kamila was allowed to continue along the river Ganges. An awesome spreading event in the country. Where the official tally of three hundred and twenty thousand new covid cases takes no account of the lack of testing.

The Holy Family Hospital is one of the prestigious hospitals in India yet has run out of ventilator for the patient to breathe and lack space. Families have been campaigning for 4 days to have their loved ones admitted. The oxygen Express in the city provides 7000 tons of oxygen in a day which has to travel 750 miles to India's capital for distribution. Yet still, it's not sufficient.

The black market for a refill of a cylinder is exorbitant and the relatives who can afford it are paying out 100 dollars for a tank to save their loved ones' life at home. Several Indians at home dies after 2 hours when their supplies run out.

Meanwhile, a five-star hotel in the capital has been set aside to keep High Court judges and their families safe while there is just one ICU bed with a ventilator in the national capital in India for the citizen.

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