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Swollen Ankle Can Kill, Here Are 6 Causes And 4 Ways You Can Manage It.

According to "Everyday Health", Your ankles and feet become swollen because of fluid that has built up in your body's tissues. This is called edema. edema mostly affects the feet, ankles, and legs. Other parts of the body can also be affected by edema. These include the face and hands, as well as the abdomen. It could have an effect on the whole body.

Here are six things that can cause edema (swollen ankles and feet) (swollen ankles & feet).

1. If you spend a lot of time sitting or standing in the same place, gravity can make your body swell. Water is pulled down into your legs and feet by gravity, and it ends up in them.

2. It can also be caused by weak vein valves in the legs. This is called venous insufficiency, and it can lead to edema (a condition called venous insufficiency). These veins have a hard time getting blood back to the heart, which causes varicose veins and fluid to build up in the legs.

3. Some diseases, such as congestive heartfailure, lung, liver, kidney, and thyroid problems, can cause or worsen edema, so it's important to know what these diseases are.

4. If you take a lot of certain medicines, like those for high blood pressure, you may get or get worse edema.

5. Edema can be caused by allergies, severe inflammation, burns, trauma, blood clots, or not getting enough nutrition.

6. Edema in the legs can be caused by pregnancy. The blood vessels in the lower body are squeezed by the uterus, which can cause edema in the legs.

How to deal with and treat it.

1. Treatment for swelling.

He or she may ask some questions and do some tests to find out what's causing your edema to happen.

Edema can be short-term or long-term, depending on where it comes from. Treatment for edema is based on the underlying condition. For example, you could say that there is a. Stopping smoking is the best thing for someone who is having trouble with their lungs, like emphysema or bronchitis.

There is a chance that the swelling is caused by a medicine. If you stop taking the medicine, the swelling will stop. Before you stop taking any medicine, see your doctor.

2 ways to keep your ankles and feet from swelling at home.

There are a few more things you can do to keep fluid from building up in your body that aren't going to help with the underlying diseases:

Put a pillow under your legs when you're lying down or sitting for long. Keep your legs above your heart's level as you walk.

3. Do not sit or stand still for a long time.

To help keep your feet and legs from getting soaked with fluid, wear support stockings to keep them dry. If you go to most drugstores, you'll be able to find these socks.

4. Avoid putting more pressure on areas that are already swollen or exposing them to more harm or very hot or cold weather. When wounds are near or on swollen parts of the body, they take longer to heal and become infected.

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