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Severe Covid-19 Disease May Be Over But Future Pandemics Are Not - Gates Reveals

Bill Gates says the possibilities getting a serious disease from COVID-19 are significantly lower yet he believes another pandemic is possible. Addressing CNBC at Germany's yearly Munich Security Conference on Friday, he said the risk of encountering serious illness from COVID-19 has "significantly decreased." "The opportunity of extreme sickness, which is fundamentally connected with being older and having stoutness or diabetes, those dangers are currently drastically diminished due to that disease openness," he said.

Yet, the Microsoft Founder said he imagined that in the event that there was a judicious reaction, "we'll get it early" and it "won't go worldwide as it did this time."

Whether the world will see another pandemic out and out, Gates told CNBC's Hadley Gamble: "On the off chance that each nation did what Australia did, you wouldn't call it a pandemic."

Gates has turned into a conspicuous figure in the battle against COVID-19 by pledging billions to reaction endeavors. Before COVID-19 arose, he anticipated the world would experience a pandemic, alongside outstanding illness and influenza specialists.

He is also expected to launch his book this month which will outline how the world will be able to prevent future pandemics from surfacing


Source:tech insider

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