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Revelations About Cassava Leaves That You Don't Know; Check It Out.

Cassava leaves are a rich source of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Cassava is mostly grown for its roots

Whereas the leaves are mostly regarded as byproduct. Here are the uses of the cassava leaves.

It's used to delay urine when traveling a long journey. Not only when traveling a long journey but also personalities like the president use it when giving speech that they cannot go off stage to urine, then the security services especially, the military (soldiers) and the police also use it when they are at parade

It's used to cure bed wetting with spiritual cause,

Cassava leaves are also to protect oneself against road accidents

They are also used to repair kidney failure or damages

Shocking one here for everyone out Who reads this article.

It is used to attract customers and favour from people.

How to do that;

1.Pluck a leaf of cassava consisting of five (5) leaflets

2. When you are about to bath, drop the leaf into the water and bath.

3. Before you go to your workplace, pluck a leaf of cassava consisting of three(3) leaflets, place it in your pocket to attract customers and favour from other people.

You now know that not only the cassava roots that are useful but the leaves are equally important as the roots. Try use it for your benefits.

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