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Check how to use Thunder Stone to attract Luck, Power, Protection, Health, Prosperity, Love in life

Thunder stone or " Agradaa obuo" in Twi is a powerful energy, mysterious irregular object which is occasionally found on a ground. In the olden days and even as at now, some of our grandparents and parents use it for so many purpose.

They don't regarded it as an ordinary stone, but rather view it to be a precious and powerful stone from heaven or above that could have possibly originated in the realm of their ancestors or god's.

This type of stone always look unique among others, so it is easy to be identify. The object could be found at a place where lightning had struck or unknowingly you could found it on the ground.

Our grandparents use to believe that, these type of stone bring them good luck, but it must always be given as a gift by someone or taking by yourself on the ground because, it cannot be purchased otherwise it will loose its magical powers.

This stone brings protection, power, and happiness. It helps sustain the peace of the spirit and serenity, contentment and lasting pleasure. It maintain marriage , drive away evil deeds, keep your from trails, and protect the state of happiness in your life and family as their.

How to use it is very simply.

When you get it, just clean it an drop in your bowl you keep your drinking water inside or anytime you want to take your bath, drop it in your water and bath with it. And it will do the work for you.

Other way of using.

Hug it at the corners of your room for spiritual protection. If your are a driver you can place it in your car front and a trader or market woman too can place it at their stores to resist any bad luck. Remember to share for other to benefit.

I believed many people may be aware of this stone especially we that comes from that far, I mean village, most of us experience or see our mother using it. But the modern style has draw us from all these thing, so now we can't experience anymore but try your possible best to get some and you will be bless.

Use it to protect yourself when facing hard times. Please you can help to follow me, like and also share with friends and family across thank you.

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