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Check out the five most dangerous things that you think is normal to do but kills you slowly.

Life takes as the different ways every day or generation but sometimes there are somethings that human being does in life that we normally think is normal for us to do but in some ways, it kills us slowly.

Today I’ve come up with some five (5) most dangerous things that we normally do and think we are ok with it but kills us in some ways. So, now I will continue with the first on my list,

1.    Smoking: Nowadays human being has taken smoking as a normal thing in which you can see someone smoking while walking on the street or even having fun with friends or family. But as we all know there are a lot of diseases that a smoker is capable of being attracted to in which one of which is heart failure or cancer. So, my dear, I will urge you to stop smoking or try and save someone by telling him or her to stop now.

2.    Taken of drugs: I will always talk about this because we have all witnessed a lot of people being suffered in life through drugs. Drugs that can be in a way of solid or liquid kills the soul and also damage the human brain and body slowly in which I will urge you to stay away from it.

3.    Bleaching: This is one of the dangerous things that people take it normal in life. The reason is that all pomade is made of chemicals and applying those chemicals unto your body destroy your body cells slowly in which in a few years you will witness that your body has become weak and unable to do the work that you were able to do in the previous years. So, I will urge you to stay away from it and try and advise someone been addicted to stop right now.

4.    Take of Alcoholic drinks: Nowadays before you step out of your house till you reach your destination you cannot count the number of Bars and places where drinks are sold. Because people have seen to it that, that is the best business to run and gain profit right now. This is because nowadays many people have to turn into drinkers especially the youth that we think we are going to get a better generation out of them. And as we all know that alcoholic drinks are not good for the body especially the cells and the brain.

5.    Love: Of course, love is part of my list. This is because now loving someone has been the most dangerous thing to do on this earth. I will urge you never to love someone with your whole heart or else you are going to end up either at either the mortuary or prisons. Because is easy to love someone nowadays, it has also been easy to get a broken heart so my dear choose wisely. I will end here but in terms of any problem then let me hear from you.


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