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Here Is How Fatty Liver Disease Occur And Some Basic Tips On How To Prevent It.

The liver is the largest organ in the human body. It removes toxins from the body blood’s blood supply, maintains healthy blood sugar level and performs hundreds of vital functions.

Fatty liver disease is when excess fat accumulates in liver. This happens is due to heavy alcohol intake.

Fatty liver progress in two three ways:

First we have simple fatty liver, this occurs when there is build up of excess fats in the liver. Simple fatty liver is largely harmless if it doesn’t progress.

Secondly we have fibrosis, this is when there is persistent inflammation in the liver causing trauma to humans. However the liver can still generally function normal.

The third and final stage is cirrhosis, this is when the liver widespread impairing the liver ability to function. This is the most severe stage and irreversible.

Here is the basic tip on how to prevent fatty liver disease.

The basic treatment of fatty liver disease is to make lifestyle changes that promote liver health, that is avoiding alcohol intake and also reduce the intake of food that contains fat.

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