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Five Signs Of Ovarian Cancer You Might Be Ignoring According To Health Experts

The ovarian cancer symptoms can be vague, but if you succeed to detect it early, it might be a key to survival. A huge number of females with ovarian cancer have some symptoms in the months and weeks leading up to the diagnosis but it is actually very sad that many are vague and nonspecific. This kind of cancer whispers, and therefore, you have to listen closely. Contrary to the breast cancer, there are no tests that have been developed to screen for ovarian cancer so accurately, which makes this cancer hard to be detected, but unless you report symptoms early yourself. Below are five signs of ovarian cancer you might be ignoring according to health experts.

Loss of appetite. In case you find yourself getting full a lot faster and also be unable to eat as much as you used to, you may be having some ovarian cancer symptoms.

Nausea. Experiencing nausea and vomiting are some oft he symptoms that are common to many diseases, therefore, your doctor may not immediately suspect ovarian cancer. The symptoms of this cancer are not an isolated symptom, but a combination of them. If you combine it with nausea and bloating, there are also some other changes.

Urinating more often. Often goings to the bathroom may mean more than a small bladder, Fader explained, and if this kind of change has been sudden and is in combination with some other symptoms, you shall immediately consult with your physician or gynecologist.

Menstrual irregularities. There exist many causes may lead to a sudden change in your menstrual cycle or some bleeding between periods, in accordance to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Always having irregular period alone may not be cause for sudden concern, but a combination with some other symptoms together with it may mean some larger problem. Here you have the other unusual menstrual cycle symptoms to watch for.

Painful intercourse. If it happens that sex suddenly becomes painful and continues to be for more than two weeks, it is a quite smart and also a good idea to talk to your doctor, advised the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

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