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4 main causes of belly fat- why you should desist from them.

There are numerous causes of belly fat ranging from lack of exercising, late eating, too much alchohol and so on. Belly fat can be disgraceful when it protrudes in clothes for both men and women. There is the need to shed off that fat for continuous healthy lifestyle.

1. Over indulgence in alcohol

Natural alcohol is found in many of our local foods made from whole grain cereals. The body digests and uses these natural alcohols in our diets. Further use and increased intake of alcohol delays to digest and cause fats around vital body organs, causing a lot of belly fat most frequently. If you find yourself drinking too much alcohol, get ready for a bloated belly.

2. Bad eating habits

Eating sugary foods as an adult results in late digestion and poor metabolism. Unlike children who run around to burn fats, the older ones are rather inactive which delays the breakdown of these sugars, resulting in fat tummies.

Little or no protein content and increased carbohydrates can also cause belly bloating.

3. Late Eating

Some people work long hours and close very late. They get home and still have to satisfy their hunger and after a shortwhile resort to bed. This leaves little room for foods eaten to digest. In such unfortunate situations you have to eat something lighter to prevent fat underlying in the tummy.

4. Lack of exercise

If you consume more calories than what you burn daily because of inaction, you are likely going to have fats deposited around your organs and belly as well. You need to exercise a lot to burn out more calories. If you drive everwhere and walk less, you will need to commit to a gym that will ensure you exercise to burn fat.

Live longer, stronger and in good health to increase productivity in your life.

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