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How I Was Stigmatized Of Living With HIV After The Death Of My Husband

The ordeals of an HIV Negative Adolescent Mother.

Across the globe, the rate at which people are being stigmatized, Discriminate and Criminalized of living with HIV/AIDS has seen no decline. In Sub Sahara Africa, the issue is worse than what one could imagine.

In Adidome, the district capital of Central Tongu, Volta Region-Ghana, a Non-Profit Organization has made a conscious effort, during the 2020 Child Health Promotion Week Celebration, to highlight the sad story on an adolescent mother who was stigmatized of being HIV positive.


According to Madam XY, she was given away in marriage at a VERY YOUNG AGE- And therefore did not school very much.

“After the death of her husband; some community members alleged the husband died of HIV therefore they started stigmatizing her of having HIV too, in the community”.

She broke in tears that, the situation became worse at the time she was taken in by the sister in-law whom she stayed with for a year and half. While assisting the sister in-law at the shop; people stopped buying from their shop due to rumors that she is HIV positive and this has compelled the sister in-law to ask her to leave their house…since she is not able to proof her innocence.

Due to the high level of stigmatization in the community, she left there for a friends place where she was referred to an NGO's office for HIV testing.

She has been given an intensive HIV pre-test counseling. Surprisingly, after running the test; the result proves negative and she burst into tears but was consoled and guided by the service provider.

Way forward:

The community was asked through the office of the NGO (Community Vulnerable Children Organization) to announce that, the lady in question went for the HIV test and the results shows she is HIV negative else the entire community will be sued.

Due to too much Stress in the community and being FIRED at her housekeeping job, madam XY has left that community.

WORLD ARISE FOUNDATION stepped in to bless madam XY by enrolling her into a vocational Training, where she is currently learning a HAIRDRESSING and after Graduation WORLD ARISE FOUNDATION plans to Grant her a small micro finance grant to open her very own shop/Salon


We believe with a skilled trade, she will be able to Work and be a happy and a productive citizen.

Stop stigmatizing people of HIV/AIDS

Stop stigmatizing people living with HIV/AIDS

HIV is not a death sentence....

Support people living with HIV so that they can stay in care and attained suppressed viral load levels.

By Gustav Boni

[email protected]

Content created and supplied by: GustavBoni (via Opera News )

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