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Drink the juice of this plant to be free from asthma, cough and anorexia

Stinking weed is erect plant that can be found almost every country. It is widely known for its medicinal uses. And due to its allergic properties, it is essential in treating the following ailments.


Asthma is due to obstruction in the respiratory passages. This causes difficulty in breathing and produces a wheezing sound from the chest. But stinking weed has a balancing properties which help remove the obstruction thereby make breathing easy.


this is the state of incomplete digestion on ingested food. The main cause for indigestion is weak digestive fibre. Due to the hot and digestive properties of stinking weed, it enhances the digestive fibre, and brings about digestion


This simply means the loss of desire to eat food even when one is hungry. This is as a result of the toxins that remain in your body due to improper digestion and so these toxins blocks your gastrointestinal channels in the body. The juice of this plant controls anorexia due to its hot and digestion properties. It enhances digestive fibre, improves digestion and prevents the formation of toxic remains in the body, thus provide relief


This is a common ailment which usually happens in the cold. It is usually caused by accumulation of mucus in the respiratory system. So the juice of this plants helps in the expulsion of mucus from the respiratory tract and provides relief from cough.

All you need to do is just take fresh leaves. Grind them and extract the juice.

Take 5-10ml of this juice a day to get rid of these ailments

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