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Vaccine's effectiveness at stake as high probability virus can mutate.

Vaccine might prove futile with upcoming new virus strains

Scientist around the world are now in a new battle against the highly predicted transformation of the virus and how this can effect the efficiency of the vaccine, the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 variants, this could become a problem as the virus continues to spread creating the chance for it to mutate, mutation of a virus means that over time as it spread it acquires a genetic change which can make it more infectious or deadly.

This is a huge problem not only for the assurance of an effective virus nut the natural immunity of people who have survived their first attack from the virus which means that this people can be infected even though they have the antibodies to fight the virus, but if the need arises, covid 19 survivors are advised to go for annual booster shots to improve their anti bodies efficiency.

As at now several new variants has been identified, there is the B.1.1.7 variant first identified in the UK,the B.1.351 variant discovered in South Africa with the P.1 variant from Brazil, this new strains were formed from the fast spreading of the old original covid 19 and SARS-CoV-2 strains, from research it has been found out that the B.1.1.7 variant has proven to be 50% more transmissible than the SARS-CoV-2 strain and possible more deadly.

The B.1.351 virus located in Africa has been found to be more troubling, clinical trials for two of the vaccines against the variant indicated an alarming reduction in the efficiency of the vaccines, some also shows the reduction of the binding ability of the antibodies to attach themselves to the B.1.351. the johnson and johnson vaccine proved have an alarming 57% chance against the variant as compared to the 72% chance in the US, another of the vaccine proved to have a 47% chance against the variant as compared to the 90% chance in the UK. the director of the World health organisation says that there might be an uncertainty to this statistics

The P.1 virus acts almost similar to the B.1.351 variant reinfect people who were already infected by have a higher chance of reinfecting people already infected and more test needs to be taken to examine it's effect.

As at now companies that came out with the vaccines like Moderna, Johnson&Johnson,Pzifer are all working on creating booster shots for their vaccines against the B.1.351 variants as there have been reports of reinfection and possible waning of natural immunity of covid 19 survivors in which yearly boosters are required, however despite the presence of the variants in the population, the vaccines are likely to prevent severe condition like hospitalization or death from Virus.

Therefore naturally immune or covid 19 survivors should consider being vaccinated, Those who have a weak response to the virus may have a shorter duration of immunity and weaker protection from reinfection, vaccine could offer consistent protection against virus and could increase immunity response to new variants.

From the article we notice that the virus is transforming, and though it is doing that at a slow rate, new variants have proven to be deadly, population is advised to go for the vaccine jab especially covid 19 survivors and those with a natural immunity to virus ,please share to the mass to keep them informed about this drastic changes in order for them to know where they stand in the fight before it is too late, but, as for now wear a mask when going outside and adhere to rules set out by authorities.

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