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Use These Natural Herbs To Boost Up Your Brain Without Harm

There are many people out there looking for the natural remedy that can help them boost up their brains.

If you are in search of the natural remedy which can be used to boost your brain then today is your healing day because after the end of this article you will get all the information used to boost up your brain.

Cloves can also help with the mixture of the ingredients yet to mention to boost your brain.

Let's take a look at cloves in the picture below.

Onions is said to be the most suitable ingredients needed it our various homes yo help man our soup good let's take a look at onion in the picture below.

Let's take a look at how to boost your brain without any side effects.

Items needed;

1) cloves

2) cinnamon

3) white onions

4) honey.

The above mentioned items are shown in the picture below.

Procedures or methods to follow;

1) pound one cup of the cloves into a powder form

2) add a cup of cinnamon powder

3) cut about 30pcs of onions into pieces and add it up

4) put the Na'ana leave on it like three cups

5) cook all with 6litres of water

6) sieve it out and out it in a bottle and add honey.


Drink it three times daily with a small cup.

It will boost up your brain for your to be able to recollect things.

Please follow me for more updates.

Content created and supplied by: Asaliwe (via Opera News )


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