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Why You Should Not Sleep On Your Stomach

Day in day out as people work for several hours performing tasks, eventually as time goes on they are bound to experience fatigue. And after a hard day's work, having to sleep and rest is essential to recover one's energy. Normally though, people do not bother themselve with the type of position best suited for rest. As long as they're able to get enough rest, then they're good to go.

You should take note that your sleeping positions could and possibly will affect your health status. Some people will prefer to sleep on their backs, side, and some on their stomach. And each sleeping position has its risks and benefits, most particularly sleeping on your stomach.

One benefit about sleeping on your stomach is that, it reduces your risk of snoring. The disadvantage is that, it may cause back pains, neck pains. Stretching your neck muscle for that long creates soreness and also extends your neck backward compressing your spine.

You may also feel tingling in your arm, as blood flow is constricted and nerves compressed. This is basically the reason why you should avoid sleeping on your stomach. Also, people who seek to reduce their stomach fat should avoid this method of sleeping on their stomach. One should either sleep on their side or back instead of the stomach.

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