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Remember the leukemia patient who got saved by Bobrisky? This is him now

Throwbacks are very great and I believe they help people appreciate how far life has taken them and also know how to treat the people they come across. This article is going to give you all a throwback to when Nigeria's own Bobrisky together with other good people decided to come to the aid of a young Nigerian man who was battling with leukemia. Leukemia is a disease which affects the blood of an individual and it is malignant such that it spreads from one part of the body to another and hence if not taking care personally die as a result of it.

Some months ago a Nigerian man known as Kolawole Solomon Eguntola had had enough and could no more stand the wrath of leukemia. He had used all his money and resources available to cure this sickness in a period of nine months but the more he tried, the more he felt he was wasting his time. The severity kept on elevating, his money and resources were just not enough to take him through and at that point it was a matter between life and death. He had grown very lean such that counting his ribs wasn't a big problem.

There is one positive thing I learnt from him, this guy realized that people are all we need in this life and therefore keeping it to himself wouldn't do him any good. He therefore stepped up to let the world know what he had been going through all the time and see if any person would come to his aid and help him fight leukemia. A simple message he sent ended up creating ways where there seemed to be no ways. He needed 2.5 million naira to undergo treatment and the luckily for him, he met a good Samaritan in Bobrisky. This good Samaritan together with other good people came to his aid and helped him fight the cancer which had been hovering in his blood for quite a long period of time.

For those of you who do not know the Good Samaritan I am talking about, she is the person on the left side of the picture below.

Kolawole has been through a lot but at the end of it all his pain and sorrows metamorphosed into smiles. He has regained that handsome look and I am very glad he's smiling once again. I decided to get a few of his current pictures and show them to you so as to make you believe that the angels we talk about are the same people amongst us. He may have believed that Angels were only in heaven but a certain angel on Earth proved him wrong. Angels are in heaven but trust me some are also on this earth

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