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How 'Wele' affects you negatively and positively

animal hides, commonly known as 'Wele' in Ghanaian language is one of the most enjoyed and cheap meat part in the Ghanaian jurisdiction. It is also a source of income as many people purchase it to prepare their delicious soups and stews for both commercial and home use . But the debate is how this meat part affects our health.

Positive effects.

It is very high in Collagen, a type of protein which has several importance which includes,

  1. Improves one's skin by strengthening it .
  2. Helps relieve joint pain
  3. Prevents the loss of bones
  4. Promotes the health of one's heart
  5. Improves hair and nails

Negative Effects

Some of them are pre-treated with chemicals which are very toxic to one's health causing Kidney and heart problems.

The wastewater from this cow skin is very harmful and toxic to the environment and this was discovered after a research which was published by the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, Environmental Biology Unit, Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

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