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Halitosis: Mouth Odour And What You Need To Do.

It is quite outrageous to vent bad smell in the mouth. It doesn't speak well about about a person so it is however good to know the cause of your problem and the step to take to treat it. What one must note is that, Common bad breath or mouth odour are caused by poor dental hygiene. Dehydration is also one of the great cause of bad smell from the mouth. The breath is always like rotten eggs.

This picture is just for illustration

Most Halitosis indicate problem from the digestive system. We call something microbiota in the digestive system which breaks down sulphur that smells like gas.

Note: There is no way to cure it for good but it can be minimized to the lowest that would hide people as you speak.

It is also important to tip that, complications of bad Breath and mouth odour doesn't necessarily come from the mouth only, but the :

1. Nose 

2. Thraoat 

3. Mouth dehydration 

5. Mouth cleanliness 

All collectively causes mouth odour, so if you check and they are all clean, the bad breath and mouth odour will go down from 10 to 1%.


1. Drink a lot of water to make sure your mouth is not dry.

2.Continue to floss or pick in between your teeth regularly without creating sores there.

3. Traditionally, make salt solution, let the salt be plenty in half glass of water and keep it in between your teeth gradually. This method is perfect and can help the problem to go down in two days. Do it 4 to 5 times a day.

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