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How To Be Stable Even With The Pandemic

What are the positive things that happen to us during this pandemic period? And how do we grow in this time? One year we stayed in our homes because of lockdown. We have many things we can not do now, that we can do before.

What is resiliency? How can we connect this word in pandemic? One of the biggest problems that are facing our country right now is the Covid19 virus and we also know the vaccine came last month. The vaccines are now given to the Ghanaians and many more Ghanaians will be given.

In this period, we can say that we can resist the pandemic and we can do many more things. We have front liners who are willing to help and always there to guide us. There are many ways we can get into this pandemic. 

Many experts are also studying especially the virus to further expand the information we know about this virus. Even though many people are having a virus every day, the front liners are still working for it. This pandemic also helps us with other things. We had a long time with our family. There was bonding even at home.

We also have a lot of things to do during a pandemic and others have made business even though we have a pandemic. Different challenges are now trending in social media and more people started to use social media apps just like Tiktok and Facebook. It is proof that even if there is a problem that faces our country right now, we can be happy or we can make other people happy. Influencers and some front liners started vlogging and they made educational videos so that we can learn somehow on the internet.

This thing proves that even though many problems occur, we Ghanaians remain firm and happy. On the other hand, many Ghanaians still do not comply with the protocols that are given by our government. There are also people that are going outside without any face mask or people who do not apply social distancing. But even so, many people are still there for them to arrest and get rid of.

They are those good people who are always there to help us finish this pandemic. Some experts invent our vaccines just like Pfizer Vaccine, Sinovac Vaccine, and AstraZeneca Vaccine. We also have our reporters who always give us the right information about the events that happens in this pandemic, police who are willing to eliminate those who do not comply with our policies, and doctors and nurses who are always there for us to help get out of the period of this pandemic.

There are things that we want to do right now but we can not do because of pandemic just like face-to-face classes, graduation, and other ceremonies that are good to do. But even so, our teachers and other people are still working to accomplish it even online.

They give so much effort to us so that we can still be comfortable online. They have different ways to make us happy and to encourage us to learn online. We have come to the point that we are suffering, and now we go up to the difficulty of the pandemic to us.

Together we will prosper and get out of poverty. We will end this problem. We just need to wear a face mask and face shield every day and do not forget the social distancing. Appreciate the efforts that teachers and other front liners gave to us. We can help them by staying in our houses and continue learning our modules.

For me, there are also good things we learned in this pandemic. We have learned so many things such as do not give up when there is a problem, solidify and trust God, obey the rules and policies and remain calm despite these events. Our time was happy before, we can do it again this time in different ways. Even though we have many problems facing, let us think that this is just a test for us, and it will also end. We just need to trust and pray for it to happen.

Content created and supplied by: OsamDanny (via Opera News )

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