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The C/R Health Directorate promises to be more aggressive in addressing maternal deaths.

The Central Regional Health Directorate claims to be concentrating all of its attention and resources on addressing maternal mortality in the region.

In 2020, the area lost 75 mothers to childbirth, giving it a maternal mortality rate of 109 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Dr. Akosua Sarpong, Regional Director of Health, stated at the Regional Health Performance Review that measures have been taken to monitor and audit all maternal deaths that have occurred in the area at a record rate.

The Central Region received a score of 3.6 in the holistic evaluation, indicating that it was a moderately performing region.

Dr. Akosua Sarpong, Regional Health Chief, reveals that a cursory glance at the comprehensive evaluation score reveals that the region's success in family planning metrics has deteriorated.

According to her, their goals are to assess and map out new success strategies that will help the area become a high-performing region in the world.

According to Dr. Sarpong, there is a strategy in place to put the area on track to meet the SDG goals when it comes to maternal deaths.

Another element of our success and service delivery on which we should all concentrate our efforts and use all available resources is the issue of maternal deaths in our country.

“By 2020, 75 mothers would have died in childbirth in the city, giving us an institutional maternal mortality rate of 109 deaths per 100,000 live births,” she said.

Despite the fact that the region's ratio was lower than the national average, Dr. Akosua Sarpong stressed that the region was still far from meeting the SDG goal of 70 deaths per 100,000 live births.

The crucial problems that are disturbing our minds here are why our mothers are dying,” she said.

She believes that their mission has been to refocus their maternal health strategies since January 2020, placing in place zonal teams of obstetrician-gynecologist specialists in each zone to track, supervise, and train service providers on maternal issues.

We're taking measures to audit all debts in the zones in record time,” she said.

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the area has seen over 3000 cases, with about 300 still involved. If the country is to be able to control the virus, Dr. Akosua has urged health professionals to take good care of themselves. Prof. Harold Amoono Koufie, former Dean of the University of Cape Coast's School of Medical Sciences, has called for the promotion and funding of medical research in Ghana.

He praised the Western North Regional team for delivering an excellent presentation on the Central Region's regional assessment report.

He requested that the report's content and findings be thoroughly examined in order to enhance health-care delivery outcomes.

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