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Hilarious moment "gym rat" almost killed himself while lifting heavy weight to show off[watch]

It almost ended in death for a man who tried to lift heavy weight at the gym to showoff to the camera.

In a new viral video which is cracking ribs of netizens, a man(gym rat) who tried to showoff his strength and muscles by lifting weights beyond his strength, ended up hurting himself. Working out is very necessary in our daily lives but some of our brothers have made it a responsibility upon themselves.

Aside those who hit the gym as their professions and gym coaches, some of our brothers are always at the gym, fighting with metal to gain huge muscles and six pack, this kind of people are whom we call "gym rats".

However, the said man in this article fixed his own weight but he couldn't even go a single rep with it. He tried to lift the heavy weight above his head but couldn't handle it, he went down together with the metals, he was fortunate the metals didn't land on him, that would have been his end.His colleagues came to his aid and helped him back on his feet.

Many of our brothers only hit the gym to showoff their packs and muscles, the funny thing is our ladies are no longer choosing these type of guys. They don't really care about the body anymore, just get the pocket loaded and they will always be around you.

Like we say, "NO Pain ,No Gain", sometimes you just have to suffer this kind of accidents to get the kind of body dream of having. However, these kind of accidents can deform you permanently, so you just have to be careful with kind of weight you lift at the gym.

Showoff went wrong for this man and he will probably suffer some injuries in his arms. Sorry man but Cut the coat according to your size next time.

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