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Completely cure hernia: How to cure hernia using this plant(Aluguntugui leaves).

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Spices and Plants have end up being a decent wellspring of prescription for different illnesses that science has depicted as serious. 

Throughout the long term, Africans have depended on plants and spices in the treatment of normal infections like jungle fever, looseness of the bowels, basic cold and so on Plants and Herbs have likewise helped in the fix of illnesses which have been named serious by researcher. 

Before colonization, Ghanaians depended entirely on Herbal drugs for their endurance. Botanist and ''medication men'' were famous. These medication men were represented considerable authority in blending diverse natural inventions to treat changed sicknesses. 

The presentation of standard medication has as of late made many dismissal the power of natural medication in our general public. 

Many consider the to be of natural medication as old fashioned and risky despite the fact that it accompanies no adverse consequence. At whatever point the universal prescriptions fall flat, numerous individuals consistently resort to the utilization of natural drugs. 

Nowadays, natural meds are not just utilized in the towns and at the wide open spaces. The support and requests cut the nation over and individuals, regardless of their group or ethnic foundation all set expectations for spices and plants. 

This review will zero in on the best way to utilize soursop leaves prominently referred to in our Akan speech as Aluguntugui to treat hernia, an infection which no standard medication can fix forever besides through a careful activity. 

Hernia in men causes serious stomach torments and can forever be treated with a careful activity. 

On the off chance that you have hernia or knows somebody who has hernia, I have uplifting news for you. Normal aluguntugui leaves will work out the enchantment for you. 

Basically follow the basic strides to treat hernia. 

Things required; 

a. New aluguntugui leaves (not the dry ones) 

b. Ginger 

c. Purification Bulb Syringe (Bɛntoa) 


1 .Blend the aluguntugui leaves with ginger (add a little water to mix equally) 

2 .Transfer the blended arrangement into a perfect bowl 

3 .Use the douche bulb needle to extricate the arrangement from the perfect bowl 

4 .Gently embed the douche tube into the rectum 

5 .Gently press out the arrangement through to the rectum 

The arrangement i.e blended aluguntugui leaves with the ginger will make the one experiencing the hernia pass out stool. This means that the hernia has been dissolved. 

This is the thing that our granddads and incredible granddads have been utilizing in the towns. They don't stress themselves over customary prescription which are somewhat costly and more intricate. 

Kindly, we should utilize our natural drugs. They are powerful and give lasting fixes to the majority of the sicknesses which seem muddled. 

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Go natural, stay solid! Bye

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