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Having Troubles With Mentrual Cramps(pain), Here Are Ways To Treat Them At Home.

How menstrual cramps occurs.

Feeling discomfort around your lower abdomen and lower back, when you’re menstruating is very common. During your monthly flow, the muscles of your womb squeezes and relaxes to help shed inner linings that were getting themselves ready to receive a fertilized egg but when this doesn't happens that's when they are shed and we see them as period. During this process, sometimes you’ll experience cramps, which are your muscles working. Some may even experience nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and even sometimes severe headache.

These are some common remedies to that can aid in providing fast relief for mild and temporal cramps.

1. Heat application.

Applying heat on your lower abdomen and lower back relieves pain. Application of heat can reduce contractions and relaxation of abdominal muscles to reduce pain caused by the cramps. Heat also increases pelvic blood circulation which also helps reduce pain. It is said that heat application is effective as taken ibuprofen. Hot water bottle or heat pads are mostly used. If you don't have any then a warm bath will do.

2. Massaging your lower abdomina.

Massaging for about 20 minutes will help reduce menstrual pain. This involves pressing specific places while your hands moves on every part on your abdomen. If you have any essential oils at home you can apply before you start massaging.

3. Taking in medication.

If You are having uncontrollable cramps and you can't help yourself, you can inform your doctor to prescribe some painkillers for you but dont cultivate the habit of taking in medicine whenever you going through such pains or else you can become addicted them. Medication should be your last resort.

These drugs help lower your body’s production of prostaglandin to relieve you of the pain temporarily.

4. Certain food should be avoided.

During this time, foods that result in bloating and water retention should be avoided. Food which contains fat, alcohol, salty foods and carbonated beverages should be avoided and take in food that contain ginger, hot water with lemon flavour and mint tea. Alot of fruits with less water can be taken as well. Reducing these foods can help alleviate cramps and decrease tension.

5. Exercises.

The mentality behind exercising itself is not appealing to people so the idea of exercising before, during or after menstruation is not acceptable. But its very important to do moderate exercises to relieve your pains because during exercise, endorphins are released which helps to effectively reduce menstrual cramps and also reduce the need for pain relief medication. Moderate activity such as walking can be beneficial during your period in place of more strenuous activity.

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