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Treatment For Severe Headache, Menstrual Pains, Severe Stomach Pains E.t.c Using Kalanchoe Leaves

There are so many healths benefits for our natural herbs but due lack of knowledge but today I'm to use this opportunity to educate you on how to cure many diseases with kalanchoe pinnata (Tanmeawu) leaves.

Kalanchoe pinnata has an antivirus, antioxidant, anti fungi, anti cancer, flavanoid and alkaline properties.

It's best for the treatment of epistaxis (nose bleed), acute otitis media AOM (earache), Jaundice (yellowish eye), migraine (severe stomach pains), arthritis ( rheumatism), acne (facial related diseases like red pimples, back bone (spinal cord ) pains and dysmenorrhea ( menstrual cramps, pains in lower abdomen in the period of menstrual cycle).

Treatment for the following diseases using kalanchoe pinnata are as follows,

1) Treatment for epistaxis ( nose bleed ): with kalanckoe pinnata leaves send the leave close to a fire to soften it, the colour will be changed to deep green, squeeze it and use it the liquid as ear drop morning and evening for three days interval.

2) Treatment For Earache:

Send the leaves close to fire to make the leaves deep green to soften it and squeeze it and use the liquid as an ear drop. For three days interval.

3) treatment for severe stomach pains (but not stomach cancer):

Grind the leaves, add coconut juice and drink it once daily, no matter how the pains feels like, it'll reduce it and clear it off.

4) Treatment for backbone (spinal cord) :

Send the leaves close to fire, grind it add it to shear butter and use it as pomade at the infected place.

5) Treatment for acne (red pimples):

Send the leaves close to fire to soften it, smarsh it, add shear butter to it, smear it on your face( the effected place).

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