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The Oversight Of Mental Health Issues

A couple of days back, i wrote an article titled Depression, The Silent Killer In Our Midst. In that article i spoke about one of the Mental health issues, most people overlook, Depression. But Depression is just one of the many mental health issues around. There are several other Mental Illnesses that can affect a person, some of these are; PTSD, Dementia, Anorexia, Psychosomatic.... Just to mention a few. These illnesses can put a person in varied conundrums dependent on the persons agitative or stimulating factor or cause.

A person can even be suffering from a mental health issue and might not even know. One key thing that needs to be made clear and stopped immediately is; The fact that most people think everyone and anyone suffering from a mental health issue is as good as mad. That is a very bad thing to ascribe to someone, and dare I say very offensive. We also need to know that all the forms of phobia's such as Arachnophobia(the fear of spiders), Xenophobia(fear of strangers or foreigners), Acrophobia(fear of heights) which happens to be my fear, are all mental health issues.

Like every sickness, Mental Health Illnesses have symptoms or signs that will help one to diagnose him or herself, or be diagnosed by others as a person suffering from a mental disorder. Some signs may be more telling than others and are most often than not dependent on the type of mental illness the person suffers from. Some mental illnesses are very difficult to be identified until is seriously triggered.

But once identified the way forward has to be clearly defined. Because most mental health issues go away without an actual intake of medication but by other means.

Once such measures or medications are taken where required, one can live as normal a life as anyone else.

Be Your bothers keeper, next month will be Mental health awareness month. I will be taking a much critical look at the most common mental health issues inept. A person suffering from one mental health related issue or other, must be carefully be watched over, but not to be made to feel weird.

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