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Yendi - Dr. Causes Death Of 6 Years Old Asthmatic Child, What Might Be The Cause

Young girl have lost her life inside Yendi.

What happened? The whole issue began when the nurse started giving a sad report. Sometimes it's very painful that our own doctors finds it difficult to attend to we Ghanaian's when we need them the most.

The doctor started by saying that, she was one-day in the hospital around 5:00 PM taking care of her patient, when a young girl at the age of 6 was rushed into the hospital. Naturally she was not breathing and the two guys who claimed to be the girl brothers said it's Asthma. 

So the nurse don't have any idea about the drug to be given to the child, and she started calling the doctor to come and solve the problem at hand, because in the rules and regulations of nursing, it's a doctor who needs to prescribe a medication, for a patient.

The nurse said they waited and waited on the doctor, but he didn't come till day break. (The next morning). The nurse claimed she was worried so she went out to go and look for something only for her to return, the girl is dead!

And the two guys filled with tears carried their younger sister on their neck and sent her home on a motor bike.

The issue is very serious and the nurse is also right, because she said if she is to go and prescribe any medication for the young girl and anything happens, the hospital will charge her and she might be sent to prison, sake of that's not her duty.

So my question is where is Ghana going to with all this strict nursing rules, so now that the girl is dead are they happy?

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