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CS Mothers Can Use the Seed of this Plant for Natural Family Planning.

CS Mothers Should Try the Seed of this Plant for Natural Birth Control.

The journey of a nine months pregnancy is not as easy as you may see it; the stress and the discomfort alone will make you feel distressed. After, the delivery stage the main stress begins; the child care is another stage with its issues parent ought to cope with. Most often when you deliver through the cesarean section it is advisable to wait for at least two years before your next delivery; to pave way for vaginal delivery after birth through the cesarean section all things being equal.  

The body needs ample time to heal and that is why it is advisable to go by a family planning method to help space the birth as well as keeping the mother healthy after a CS delivery. I love to write more about CS mothers because of my experience and the dangers they go through before and after birth. It will be my utmost desire that all husbands or partners will support their CS wives to wait until the safe period for delivery.

Sometimes the use of Contraceptives comes with its side effects and it’s prudent for the women to go in the natural way which has lesser or no side effects. One of them is the use of the Castor seeds.

Castor plant is common in our vicinity but most people do not know its health benefits in terms of natural family planning.

Directions on How to Use.

Get a dried fruit of the Castor plant. It is common in our vicinity and you can get from the market as well.

When opening the dried fruits of the castor plant; it contains some seeds with a grey color and blacks spots around it.

The grey and blacks spot is the coat of the seed. Kindly and gently take it off and you will find a white seed in it.

Now it’s ready to take the seed and must be taken during your menstrual period. The issue is that when you swallow one of the white seeds it is for one year safe period for intercourse without any other contraceptives. If you take more than one it means you will not able to conceive until that number of years is due.

So it is advisable to take one seed at a time, after a year if you want to conceive you can make yourself available for that. Please don’t try taking more than one at a time, I am taking based on experience because a time will come when your partner or husband wants you to give birth but will be difficult to conceive till the years are due.  Sometimes it is good to also learn from the old; our ignorance is costing us a lot.

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