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Are You Drinking Cold Water? Here is What It Does To Your Body

Staying hydrated is important for our wellbeing, although there is some debate about the optimal temperature for water when people drink it. Some proponents argue that drinking cold water is harmful to your health. Drinking enough water every day is important to support all body functions, including digestion and metabolism, get rid of waste, maintain a normal body temperature, and keep organs and tissues healthy. In this article, we discuss whether drinking cold water is harmful to one's health. The risks and benefits of drinking cold water.

Cold water has a variety of harmful effects on a living body. Drinking cold water can cause blood vessels to contract. It can also impair digestion and dehydrate you. Instead of digesting food and consuming nutrients to produce energy, the body uses energy to control body temperature. This will result in water loss. Despite the fact that ice has many health benefits, drinking ice water can only provide temporary relief.

Upsets digestion

Cold water has many negative effects on a living body. Drinking cold water can cause blood vessels to constrict. It may also impair digestion and cause dehydration. Instead of digesting food and consuming nutrients to generate energy, the body absorbs energy to regulate body temperature. This could result in water loss. Even though ice has many health benefits, drinking ice water can only provide temporary relief.

Coldwater has an impact on the circulatory system.

Water is the most critical fluid in our environment. It accounts for roughly 70% of our body, blood, and other internal organs. Blood is the medium by which nutrients flow and circulate within our bodies. After drinking cold water, homeostasis sets in, and our bodies work overtime to regulate body temperature until it impacts the circulatory system. Ice cold water also causes undue strain on blood vessels and tissues, impairing the operation of our circulatory system.

Leads to constipation

The digestive process needs to drink warm or room temperature water. Drinking cold water, on the other hand, may induce constipation because the food solidifies and hardens as it passes through your body. One of the primary causes of constipation is contraction of the intestines.

Slows down the heart rate

Drinking ice water can cause the reduction in your heart rate. It happens because the vagus nerve gets affected by a sudden ingestion of ice cold water. The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve which controls involuntary actions of the body. This nerve mediates the lowering of the heart rate and the low temperatures of the water act as a stimulus to this. So in this emergency measure, your heart rate will slow down until your body temperature attains equilibrium once again.

Causes headache

You must be familiar with the term “brain freeze” which is a temporary seizure of the brain and can lead to serious issues which must be best avoided. It occurs after ingesting crushed ice or any ice cream. It causes the chilling of sensitive nerves in the spine, and instantly convey messages to your brain, thus causing headaches. Drinking cold water can also lead to the same condition.

5. Drinking cold water induces chest pain, coughing, and breathing difficulties.

The Advantages of Drinking Cold Water

Drinking cold water increases an individual's performance and stamina during exercise, according to some reports. Drinking cold water during exercise, for example, substantially decreased the increase in core body temperature relative to drinking room temperature water, according to a 2012 study involving 45 physically fit males. In a 2014 report, 12 trained male athletes in a tropical environment were tested to see how different drinks affected their cycling results. According to the researchers, drinking an ice-slush beverage was more effective than drinking water at a neutral temperature. They did conclude, however, that the athletes performed better when they drank an ice-slush beverage with a menthol fragrance. Some people say that drinking cold water can aid in weight loss. While some studies claim that drinking more water will help the body burn a few more calories, there appears to be no difference between drinking cold and room-temperature water.

In conclusion, the above results do not recommend that we avoid drinking cold water altogether, but rather that we drink water at room temperature, i.e. water that is neither cold nor hot, and that we use bottle water filters before drinking water.

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