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Meet The 71-Year-Old Woman Who Looks Like An 18-Year-Old Girl (See Photos)

The 71-year-old fashion designer Vera Wang has caused a furore in social networks, because it seems that the American dressmaker has in her possession the 'secret of eternal youth' , and that is if we did not know that she has seven decades of life, we could judge, for his photographs, a young man of 25 years who poses. For this reason, we have given ourselves the task of finding its secrets to look impressive. 

For those who think that the bridal dressmaker makes great sacrifices to be able to look like this at 71, we want to tell you that it is not like that, although, she exercises daily and maintains a healthy lifestyle, Vera Wang does not follow any strict diet or much less an exhaustive day of cardio and weight training. 

According to Harper's Bazaar magazine, the designer is not a big fan of the treadmill or track and field, but to achieve that enviable and slim figure she usually takes long rides on her bike, making cycling the centre of her daily routine. exercise.

In addition to this, Vera Wang does a little weightlifting, she doesn't usually carry a lot of weight, she sure that she frequently holds between two and three pounds, and her workouts are usually very short but intense. She also uses to practice some sports such as golf.

Perhaps the most important part of the success of your stunning figure is in the diet. She tries that her daily food intake is as 'clean as possible', this means that she does not skip any of her meals and that they are nutritious.

So it seems that the key for Vera Wang to look spectacular at 71 is to make these tips a healthy lifestyle that allows us to reach the perfect age. 

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American Harper 's Bazaar Vera Wang


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