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Why I will not take the Covid-19 Vaccine even after the President and Vice took their jabs

I guess a lot of Ghanaians are beginning to shift their initial stance of the Covid-19 vaccination after a lot of key personalities in the country were captured taking dose of the vaccine. Social media is rife with a lot of opposing opinions about the vaccine, its efficacy, and the aftermath effects observed. A section of netizens, who have based their stance on a conspiracy theory about how the 'white man' wants to wipe the entire black population in Africa, are vehemently opposed to the vaccine, and even do not believe in the existence of the virus.

This section believes that the sinister nature of western countries is driving their production of the vaccines; and like always known, these countries will find a way to bring something inferior to Africa. So the vaccines that are coming to Africa, including Ghana, are inferior and have been inserted with chemicals that will end up in the extinction of the entire population in Africa. As a result, they will not, for all the gold in Tarkwa, go for their injection.

Diametrically opposed to this view are the people who also believe that the vaccine has been infused with a chemical which will strengthen the immune system of all who will get vaccinated against a supposed future epidemic which will wipe out all those who refuse to get their jabs. As ridiculous as this opinions sounds, certain persons are running for the vaccines because they believe in this proposition.

The recent opinion stems from a belief that the sinister western countries are aware that Africans are wisening up, and therefore, they will reject the vaccine that comes to them. This will mean that very few people will get vaccinated. So to punish those who do not take in their immunization, the vaccines will be infused with chemicals that will keep those who take it, like marking the blood on the door of the house for the angel of death to pass over - from the Bible; and when at a future date, there is the release of a deadly chemical into the atmosphere, the very select few who got vaccinated will be spared from extinction.

Which of these two do you run with?

I run with neither of them; but I run with both of them!

Do not get confused. I do not believe in all the conspiracies flying about on social media, because, once too many times, we have heard and seen videos that were ducted for certain purposes. Persons on social media tend to be so sensational when they are talking about issues that are not factual. Their sensationalism gets a lot of persons sympathizing with them and that makes their videos and audios viral.

The viral nature of these news is what informs the fears, anxieties and objections to things that will end up benefiting them.

This is not the first time vaccines have been created: vaccines have been created for diphtheria, haemophilus influenza, hepatitis B, measles, meningitis, mumps, pertussis, poliomyelitis, rubella, tetanus, tuberculosis, and yellow fever. All of these diseases are as deadly as Covid-19 is, or probably more. I can imagine the conspiracies that would have been created those days, especially since in the days of the production of some of these vaccines, there were wild spread massacres globally. We can only imagine the publicity harm social media would have caused to the success of these vaccination programs.

So we see that social media is to blame for all the negative perception of this covid-19 vaccine.

However, in order not to err on the side of caution, it is important to be careful and do due diligence in researching properly about the vaccines before you make an informed decision. Do not follow the crowd!

Now, to my stance on why I would not get vaccinated despite the public proof of the president H.E. Nana Addo, his vice H.E. Bawumia, and a number of other key personalities the world over.

I am not against the vaccine, as a matter of fact, my research so far proves that the vaccine has great efficacy. And I will encourage all and sundry to go for it.

I am not going to take it because of how I have lived my life all this while. I do not take orthodox medication, I have not taken them for a very long time, so I have not visited hospitals. I have learnt how to use fruits, vegetable, and other parts of plants and earth to heal myself, and keep my immune system strong. My body is not susceptible to a number of illness and sicknesses, and even if it gets susceptible, it will not succumb to it. I would not not to introduce orthodox medication into my body; it will begin to change my gene make up. And I might end up becoming reliant on such medications.

This is why I have decided not to get vaccinated in spite of the public show of acceptance of the vaccine.

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