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Benefits Of Corn Husk That Will Make Your Day.

Corn husks are considered almost waste products after it's removed from the corn. It's so because we don't know its benefits to human. Here are some of the benefits of the corn husk.

1. The corn husk is high in vitamin K and potassium. It's used as a herbal remedies to treat diseases such as

(a) bladder infections- that's inflammation of the urinary system

(b) inflammation of the prostate- prostate enlargement

(c) kidney stones and bedwetting.

2. They are also excellent source of vitamin A and B complex which is good for children.

3. Corn husks are rich in pigments such as lutein and zeaxanthin which help to promote proper vision

4. As a wrapper for vegetables and fish before grilling. It is used for wrapping different types of seafoods such as fish, prawns crabs and so on before grilling. The reason is tha tseafoods get roasted easily if it is covered with layers of corn husks.

5. Corn husks are grounded up for tea or used in merengues in desserts. It's also grounded up into a dietary supplements to add fiber to your diet. They are as well used for stuffing mattresses and cushions.

They are also used as a body of a corn-husk doll or for decorations. Corn husks are used in making many types of crafts such as dolls and puppets.

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