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Nose mask and Face should replace with these

For the past few months now the world has been battling with the ongoing pandemic.

Since the vaccine for curing the virus is yet to be found then we are left with no option than to protect ourself so as to prevent the spread the virus.

using Nose mask has been one of the effective ways of preventing the virus but it seems it is not enough since the cases detected keep on increasing on daily basis.

The use of Face shield was introduce few month ago so as to help prevent the spread virus.

but after carrying out research, the use of nose mask and face shield are not enough to tackle the virus. because the total number of cases keep on increasing.

One is said to have be infected withe virus if the virus come in contact with his eyes, nose, mouth or ears which was the reason for the introduction of nose mask and face shield.

the nose mask will protect your nose and mouth while the face shield will protect your eyes.

then how do we protect our ear?

there is no doubt that most of the infected people got infected through their ears because it is expose and one can easily scratch their ears anytime.

having known this i think the use of helmet should be introduce as one of the ways of preventing the spread of the virus.

with the helmet, both the eyes, ears, nose and ears will be protected

what do you think about this?

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