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Woman tattoos her own face after she was badly burned to cover her scars.

Life is full of unexpected happenings but when we learn to turn those happenings which can be a horrible experience or whatsoever it is into strength, new ideas etc we tend to rise to the occasion and see ourselves smiling through the storm.

After she was badly burned in an accident, Basma Hameed learns tattooing and ultimately tattoos her own face to cover her scars, she then later starts her own business to help other burn victims by tattooing discolored scars that much their skin. This is absolutely genius and impressive. 

When Basma Hameed was two years old she had a horrible accident that left her with severe burns on forty percent of my face. Throughout her childhood, she underwent surgery after surgery with the hopes of softening and erasing her facial scarring. But at one point, she was told that there was nothing more that modern medicine could do for her, that the scarring on half of her face would be as good as it gets. But still she was determined not to give up hope.

Basma Hameed became the pioneer and innovator behind the highly sought after Scar Camouflage technique.

The Scar Camouflage Procedure entails implanting pigment into scar tissue to eliminate discolouration for an even finish. Eligible conditions for this procedure include birthmarks, burns, surgical scars and more.

This first of its kind procedure has attracted the attention of the medical community, fellow entrepreneurs and the media. The outreach and impact of this treatment can be felt through its thousands of success stories worldwide.

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Basma Hameed


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