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Problems That Too Much Sex Can Create For People

Intimacy is very beneficial to people as much as it also poses some unpleasant effect. Most people do not experience the unpleasant negative effect of intimacy, though some people who have too much intimacy are likely to be faced with such problems. These effects are not too dire to talk about, as they are temporary and can be treated.

People who engage in too much intimate activities are likely to be faced with the following problems.

Heart Attack

Intimacy helps reduce the risk of heart attacks, though people with heart related problems are the ones likely to have these issues. Individual's whom are faced with certain heart diseases, should take this into consideration when engaging in intimate activities.

Poor Vision

As inappropriately strange as this may sound, it is very much true. Scientist's have come to a conclusion that too much intimacy, could affect a person's sight. This is as a result of when blood vessels in the eyes pop during intimacy. As stated earlier, this has a temporary effect. So the sight will be restored in due time.

Hair loss

Dihydrotestosterone level increases as a result of intimacy. What this hormone does is to kill hair follicles, which causes baldness in some men.

Also, there is the risk of urinary tract infections. Having intimacy with different counterparts could result to this problem, therefore people are advised to take plenty of water and to always empty the bladder before intimacy.

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