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Post Traumatic Stress - a severe condition that can lead to suicide; Check out causes

The human brain was designed in such a way that, any experience whether good or bad it lingers for the rest of life. One might forget alright but there is the tendency of recollecting it because the brain has a portion of memory where it stores past events. Post traumatic stress can be disturbing which will take a very long time to deal with.

Post Traumatic stress is a mental disorder which occurs after one is exposed to traumatic events on a person's life. Traumatic events like escape from accident, sexual assault or harassment, child abuse, robbery event, when one experiences death right under the nose and others.

One typical example is when a lady preoccupied her mind that she fears men. The reason being that she was raped during her childhood and it has left some scars in her. Anytime she remembers, it puts some kind of fear in her so it makes her isolate herself from men. This can continue for a very long time and she can decide not to marry because the incident has traumatised her.

Basic Causes / Risk Factors

1. Family or blood line with past mental problems (Hereditary).

2. Constant episodes of anxiety or depression

3. Long-lasting trauma or past event (harassment, or abuse)

4. Job relation (a job that puts one's life at risk of experiencing traumatic events)

5. Car accidents or plane crashes

6. Fire outbreak

7. Natural disasters like floods or earthquakes

Going through one of these can lead to Post traumatic stress. It is more or less an incident that happens unexpectedly or deliberately to cause a shock of one's life.


1. Flashbacks (a feel like that traumatic incident is happening again).

2. Difficulty in concentration

3. Sadness

4. Aggressive attacks on others

5. A feel of death or dying

6. Regressive behaviours

7. Inability to sleep (insomnia)

8. Loss of interest from activities that were previously enjoyed.

9. Nightmares

10. Severe anxiety

11. Suicidal talk

Treatment of Post Traumatic stress disorder

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition. It is done by medically and psychologically. Mental health specialist has to educate the patient about the condition as well as the family. Doctor will also prescribe medications such as antidepressants to counter the anxiety and depression.

In terms of difficulties in sleeping, medications will be prescribed to help sleep. Guidance and counselling is very crucial in managing this condition since it's mainly based in the minds. Victims are not allowed to stay or be alone to prevent thoughts of suicide. People with this condition must be encouraged to be talking to people constantly and regularly to divert the mind from these occurrences. The disorder is more based on the mind so it is therefore a targeted place for treatment. Psychotherapy is needed much.

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