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Three(3) Reasons Your Teeth Are Turning Yellow These Days

We all want our teeth to be white and bright, but we also frequently overlook oral care practices that may be the cause of yellow teeth. Such behaviors and other oral health mistakes raise the risk of teeth disorders. Bad breath, tooth decay, inflammation, and yellowing of the teeth, among other conditions usually happen.

There are many factors that might cause your teeth to go yellow these days. It could be the food we eat or some 'poor' lifestyle choices.

Below are some emerging reasons your teeth may be turning yellow these days.

1. Inadequate dental care

If your oral hygiene is poor and you don't regularly brush or rinse your teeth, bacteria can damage tooth enamel and result in cavities. If this is allowed to build up on your teeth, it might cause more serious problems. Calculus, often known as tartar, is a hard yellowish crust that forms both above and below the gum line. This can cause a permanent change in the colour of your teeth.

2. Ageing

Age is one factor that contributes to yellow teeth. This is due to the natural yellow color of the dentin being exposed as the enamel on people's teeth ages due to normal wear and tear. Less common causes of yellow teeth include illnesses like jaundice that harm the dentin and enamel.

3. Eating of starchy and sweet foods

Some foods, like apples, potatoes, pasta, berries, tomatoes and cassava can also attach to the teeth and leave stains that can make the teeth yellow or even brown. Stains may even be left by salads with vinegar. To avoid them and save your enamel, reduce the consumption of these starchy meals or beverages.

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