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Wait Don't Pray First, This Is The First Thing To Do When you Wake Up In The Morning

After a long nights sleep which of course means that your body is dormant for all those long hours, you need to know what to do immediately you wake up. 

You do not need to take your phone lazily and lie in bed for a while before you wake up. Neither should you toss in bed saying a prayer or two. Many people feel it's best to pray before getting up from their bed. Yes that is a very good practise but you should know that the very first thing to do when you wake up is to stretch your body. 

This may sound hilarious to you but it is a very good practise to simply stretch out your hands and stretch your legs like the cat. When you stretch it puts all your whole body in place and ready for the day ahead. 

Stretching here doesn't mean you are working out but it's just the under one minute body stretch that I am talking about.

So stretch yourself by learning from the cat. Follow for more and share to friends.

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