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Health Risk. Avoid These Soft Drinks!!

The nutritional value of soft drinks it's virtually non-existent except the sugar they contain. Their many addictives presents a HEALTH RISK.

in reality the only POSITIVE aspect to soft drinks is their WATER CONTENT.


These contain sugar or chemical SWEETNERS, CARBON DIOXIDE, a variety of natural EXTRACTS, PHOSPHORIC ACID and CAFFEINE.

They are simply unhelpful with many DRAWBACKS.Almost all are carbonated and referred to as sodas. They lack nutritional value except the sugar they contain (90-120g/l) .However,the calories in soft drinks have a serious draw back:They are "empty".This means that vitamins and minerals do not accompany them.

Cola beverages are particularly UNDESIRABLE for CHILDREN and for those suffering from INSOMNIA and CARDIAC DISEASE because of their caffeine content.


Almost all are carbonated and are referred to as sodas. They lack nutritional value except the sugar they contain.

They are not thirst-quenching: Because of sugar content and other chemical substances, many soft drinks leave an after-thirst. This leads to greater thirst than before.

"Empty" calories: Sugar sweetened soft drinks contain many calories, which are "empty".In other for the sugar in a soft drink to be transformed into energy,B-group vitamins and minerals are essential. Since these are absent in soft drinks,they must be obtained from the bodies own reserves,this depleting them. In situations where the individual is not involved in physical exercise,this sugar is turned into fat.

Decalcification: Several acids, including phosphoric acid,are added to COLA BEVERAGES. Phosphoric acid acidifies the blood, which the body attempts to neutralize by releasing calcium and other mineral from the bones. That is why COLA BEVERAGES have decalcifying action and should be particularly avoided in any cases of rickets and osteoporisis.

Urinary Stones: Regular consumption of COLA BEVERAGES increases the risk urinary stones.This is because they foster elimination of calcium and oxalates through the urine. This substances formed most urinary stones.

Some degree of Irritation and inflammation of the muccos lining of the stomach is associated with the digestive process of carbonate beverages.

Softdrinks should be avoided in cases of gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer,and digestive disorders in general.

Stay safe and prevent yourself from these drawbacks to Softdrinks which is a health risk.


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