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Demonic Diseases And How People Get Them (Spiritual )

Demonic Diseases And How People Get Them

Sickness is a feeling or display of symptoms in the human body, this could be caused by viruses or germs in the physical world. 

However, there are also spiritual diseases that are caused by evil spirits ,which attack the body .These type of diseases are called demonic sickness, in that they are spearheaded by evil spirits .

The following are Characteristics Of Evil Diseases :

1. The Chronic disease ,

The Chronic disease is the one that usually becomes the habitual sickness of the victim .This means the disease is stuck to the person as long as he or she lives .

People with this type of demonic sickness are always on constant medication, just to relief the pain or suppress the symptoms. This means that the medicine can never alleviate the illness in any way possible. 

2. On And off

The sickness that is on and off ,means that it comes and goes, it is like a seasonal disease, which shows up in the body at particular times .At times it goes only after treatment with medication. Example Sickle Cell Anaemia or asthma .  

3. Defies Medical Treatment 

Another form of demonic sickness is the one that defies all medical treatment, the diagnosis might show a common disease, due to the common symptoms akin to a particular illness. 

Yet if the patient is given the very drugs used to cure that disease ,it might prove abortive. 

4.Comes At Night

Some demonic sickness usually comes in the night ,during the hours of 12 am to 4 am the attack can be so severe .This is because the demons in charge of that sickness are at work in such times .

This is especially true when it is the witchcraft spirit that is behind the attack .Some demonic diseases come at night to distract your sleep and cause pain .


5. It Comes In the Crowd 

Some demonic sickness are always designed to show up in the midst of crowd of people. This is usually the one that is designed to disgrace the victim of the disease. 

Examples of such demonic sickness that come in the crowd are epilepsy, or madnessThese are disease that are given to the patient so they could be disgraced in public .

6. It comes when you have money 

Some evil diseases are also designed to come when you get money .This is the money waster illness, in that it comes to make you spend money on medical treatment. 

When the amount of money is finished on you ,then it goes .So that the money that could be used to do something worthy is squandered on medical bills .

7. It comes during exams 

Some demonic sickness are meant to distract the education of the students who are intelligent. 

In that it comes during the time of examinations ,so that the victim cannot be able to write the examinations. This type of sickness is designed by the witches to destroy the academic carrier of the person. 

8. It comes to disrupt appointments 

Some sickness also are designed to disrupt your job, business, financial or even marital appointments .This means it comes when you have such type of appointments to meet up .

The purpose of such ailment is to destroy that job,business, finance or marriage appointment ( eg wedding ) . 

So it goes away when the event is over and the illness has exhausted all the victim's resources like time ,energy, or money resulting in disappointment and failure .

There are some physical diseases that are usually demonic, examples include, epilepsy, madness, stroke ,impotence, issues of blood, dunce etc 

In the bible we see Jesus dealing with demonic deseases by casting out the demon and thereby restoring health to the individual.  

Matthew 8:16

" [16]When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick: "



A demonic sickness is what is given to a person through a spiritual medium.

There are so many ways and means by which spiritual sickness are given to people, these are also the mediums through which the disease is transmitted to the victim. 

The following are a number of ways in which sickness are spread to other people. 

1. Food and Drink

Food and drinks have always been one of the mediums  that evil sickness are given to people .The witches or an evil person can put an evil spirit causing disease into the food that is served to the victim. 

This evil deposit in the food will cause pain or symptoms to the victim after he or she has eaten the food .It may not be a physical substance, because most at times it is a spiritual force . 

At times the sickness comes when the person eats the very food again, even though it come from different source .That is one of the reasons Doctors can stop a person from eating certain food . That is why is very necessary to pray over food before you eat it .

2 . Dreams 

Dreams are one of surest way the evil people can give a demonic sickness to a person. This occurs when the victim is attacked in the dream, eg a lady had a dream that someone shot her chest and the bullet went into her heart. 

Although it was a dream, yet when she wake up ,she started feeling pains in heart, and when it prolonged, she took an X ray in which it was discovered that she had a bullet in her heart. So you see the dream has brought physical pain to her heart. 

Some sickness are given to people in dream through eating in the dream. So most of the dreams of eating or weapon attack or animal like snake biting you in dreams can result in sickness, if prayer is not said to avert it .

3. Spiritual Weapons 

Spiritual Weapons can hit a person, and it may result in sickness on the very spot you felt something hit . At times spiritual arrows or weapons can be thrown your way ,for the purpose of bringing sickness into your life .

A person can also step on charms, juju emulet , or demonic substance and feel sick thereby .Usually such could be leg pains or stroke .

Usually such attacks are used on you to claim your territory such as a working place, a land or an office .The demonic person contending with you can put such demonic substance there. 

4. Gifts Items 

Gift items given to person can be used as a demonic transmitter to convey diseases to the recipient .

At times as soon as the target person touches the gift the sickness could be transferred into the body ,and the symptoms will begin .

Mostly some of the items can only be used against the victim when the person uses it on his or her body .

5 .Demonic Accident 

A demon can cause accident to happen that is meant to give the target sickness for the rest of his or her life .Such accidents could either be vehicular accidents or any form of accident, such as slipping to fall,hitting your foot on something accidentally and the foot swells .

Some car accidents can render a person impotent for live ,or lame for the rest of his life . Demonic accidents are also designed to give sickness that can incapacitate the victim to the end their health will be affected. 

6.Blood Sucking 

There is a spiritual element that could be referred to as blood Sucking;this is when the blood of the victim is being used for demonic purposes .

What happens physically is that the victim will suffer blood lose ,even a doctor's diagnosis will attest to it .The symptoms may include, loosing weight even though one is not sick , dizziness feeling and becoming anaemic. 

7 . Sickness transfer 

A person can also get a demonic sickness when, it is transferred from a sick person to the victim, through satanic means. Resulting in the sick getting well ,while the sickness recipient becomes sick. 

This is a spiritual issue, it would take a spiritual revelation for someone to see this dark activity. 

8. Money ritual exchange 

There could be an exchange; this is when a person is given wealth for the exchange of his health. This means the sick person has wealth, but the particular sickness is part of his or her life .

In that case no medical treatment can help salvage the situation in the person's body ,although he or she seeks help from medical expects .

At times the sick person might not be the recipient of the wealth, but another person ( usually a family member ) is made wealthy at the expense the victims sickness. This is another form of money ritual that is done for most occultic people to retain their wealth. 

9. Demonic Power purchase 

Some sicknesses are given to some individuals in the demonic kingdom in order for them to retain a demonic power or rank on the rheam of the spirit. 

For instance a powerful witch can use her health for the purchase of the evil power. Thus ,she becomes infirmed with the malady physically ,while spiritually she holds the devilish position. The sickness can take the form of chronic diseases like ,epilepsy, asthma, or even blindness.

10. Ancestral Inheritance 

Some sickness come to people as a form of family demonic inheritance ; this means there is a bloodline covenant that revisits the succeeding generation of the family with the illness. 

In that case it becomes a family disease, starting from the Ancestors ( forefathers ) of the victim. And every family member is liable of contacting the disease in their set time ,One example of such disease is Asthma .

11. Sinful Diseases 

The last but not the least , is the sickness that comes to people because of their sins . According to the Bible some sins are given to people as a punishment or chastisement of the sins .The following portion of scriptures attest to this fact ; 


" And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. " James 5:15

" But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins, (he said unto the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy couch, and go into thine house. " Luke 5:24

In each of the above scriptures, we see Jesus dealing with demonic deseases by forgiven their sins first , then the healing automatically follows ,as he prays for them. 

So you see there are some sinful habits that can bring sickness into your life .Some sins like ,adultery; sleeping with somebody's wife, stealing or murder , rape ,just to name a few can make you susceptible to contract demonic sickness. 

Having understood how demonic sickness are given to people, the only best solution is for you to give your life to Jesus and pray that he will heal you from demonic disease by his stripes .

" Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. "

 1 Peter 2:24


Courtesy : Prophet Ezekiel C. Melchisedec ( aka Bible Prophet ) 

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