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4 Uncommon Signs Of Breast Cancer. Please Take Note.

Breast cancer awareness has improved so much over the years that many women (and men) now know the major red flags of the disease. Unusual breast lumps, skin puckering, and an inverted nipple, to name a few. But breast cancer doesn’t always have signs you can see or feel. That’s why screening tools such as mammograms are so important. There are also some less-common signs of breast cancer that can be helpful to know.

1. Backache.

Sometimes pain in the upper back that seems to come from deep within the bones could be an early sign of breast cancer. While not all upper back pain could signal breast cancer, pain that does not go away with stretching or physiotherapy could indicate the formation of breast cancer tumours. In some cases, there may be pain on the ribs and spine when tumours put pressure on these areas. Do visit a doc if you are suffering from any abnormal pain.

2. Breast pain.

Painful breasts could be caused by a number of reasons and not all of them are alarming. However, continuous pain in one particular spot could be a sign of cancer even if you cannot feel a lump. 

3. Skin changes.

Do take a long hard look at your breasts and check if there is any rash on them. A red spot on the breast could be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Does the skin look puckered or dimpled (somewhat like an indentation) when you lean forward or raise your arms? Is the skin on your nipples flaking? Any abnormal skin changes on your breasts needs to be examined medically. 

4. Nipple discharge.

Any discharge from your nipples that appears without squeezing is a cause for concern. Do check and inform your doctor if the discharge is bloody or clear. Do keep a look out for any colour changes on your nipples.

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