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NDC Communicator In This Viral Video of H. E Nana Addo, Alleges KARMA May Be At Work, Do You Agree?

There are hundreds of health challenges, that may plaque the lives of many, as we keep on living and especially in our part of the world, where the high sun radiations and even environmental challenges may be debilitating, health complications, may be inevitable for many.

Even more especially is the issue of old age, as it can bring some other complicated challenges and these, may well be very discomforting to the person suffering from it. Potentially, the challenge of worsening eye sight may well be an understandable challenge.

Even as a blogger, who spends a lot of time, outside my professional work, to write stories, I sometimes notice that, due to the consistency with which I am behind my laptop, it sure does have a negative impact on my eyesight and flowing from this, a similar challenge for our 77year old President, may not be far fetched.

It is worth noting that, the current President, have not had any controversy surrounding his health, prior to this social media post. The most recent travelling to the UK, was for more of an official visit. The only time, the health of a pubic official may be been a concern was when the Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta, went to the USA, to access further treatment of a complication, that had arisen, after he got infected with the deadly coronavirus and had recovered from it.

As in a viral video sighted on Facebook and shared by a known NDC Communicator, he shared the video and asserts that, it may be karma at work, as he cites the motivation for sharing it is because,, then candidate Nana Addo and the teaming masses of NPP communicators, had either made politics out of the health challenges of now late Evans Atta Mills, something he describes as entirely wrong and sickening.

Elikem Kotoko, an NDC Communicator with over 36,958 followers and noted for sharing jabs at the NPP party on hi Facebook page, has alleged that:

"#Facts AFRICA: Ghana: The late Ghanaian President John Evans Atta Mills was not spared by the entirety of the then opposition NPP led by now president Nana Akufo-Addo in terms of the unpleasant invectives thrown at the “Asomdwehene”

In the video below, it is either the President is heavily under the influence of some substance [Do you recall his birthday sometime ago, when he mentioned he was hi] or he is gradually losing his sight. Whichever be the case it’s unfortunate, I pray this isn’t what we call karma. It happened two days ago during the opening of the National mosque when he had to cut ribbon. Continue to Rest In Peace Prof Mills," he wrote.

In the video found here at Facebook (VIDEO), one can observe that, H. E Nana Addo is holding a scissors and ready to cut the ribbons decorated thread, to officially open the National Mosques, but interestingly, the President struggles in locating the decorative, whitish and obviously large thread but after about three to about five (5) unsuccessful attempts, he now locates the thread, thanks to a voice that informs him to move the scissors a bit high, before he cuts it and officially opens the place up.

Comments following his post, includes:

Grace Ayensu Danquah writes "Karma!! May the Sweet gentle soul of Prof Mills RIPP"

Issah Yeboah writes "Allahu Akbar!"

Ing Obeng Sikapa writes "Bottles nkoaa"

Kwofie MacDonald writes "karma!"

Joyce Noble writes "He can't see again?"

Wise Fight Amasaman writes "Blind eye"

In July 2012, then Candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo had wished President John Evans Atta Mills good health. “I learnt last night from President Atta Mills that he was on his way to the United States to see doctors for medical treatment. I hope the checks go well and he comes back fit and strong,” to continue his duties as the President of the country. I wish you safe return to duty in a few days," he had stated then in a press statement, as many believed that, he had shared these details for political gains.

With this viral video, now shared online, can anyone assert that, this is KARMA at play already?

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