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The sausage was too long but I had enough juice to accommodate it; Joyce Dzidzor goes naughty again

The grace to grass story of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, the former ambassador for the Ghana AIDS Commission, amazes many Ghanaians. Her activities after her fall from her glory days have led many to recommend psychological therapy to diagnose and rehabilitate her to her former normal self. It is a popular opinion of her well-wishes that the trauma from the public criticism she suffered from after she made a U-turn on her earlier declaration of testing positive for HIV/AIDS has dealt a big blow to her psychological makeup.

The recent social media engagements of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah who doubles as an actress are sometimes a bit below the belt and completely contradictory to her former self. Now Germany-based, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah boldly came out to declare that she has been suffering from depression; this has affirmed the long-held scores of Ghanaians have about his emotional well-being. Some influential celebrities in the country have appealed to the government to intervene and have Joyce Dzidzor, the once national asset of the country, treated for the depression she claims she is suffering from.

Meanwhile, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has set social media ablaze with one of her naughty posts which have been a stock in trade lately. On her official Facebook page, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah decided to go a bit paradoxical by using breakfast to tease the minds of her followers, most especially the adults. With her symbolic breakfast, she was able to get naughty with her followers this Sunday morning.

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